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 On november 23rd the bilingual section parents were invited to a special Parents, Evening. They could see how their children usually work in class, the kind of activities we sometimes do and they could also see a short play called Thanksgiving. All the bilingual students took part in the event: presenters, actors and actresses. To close the evening, students and teachers sang a song by The Beatles, Mother Nature´s Son. You´ll be alble to see the video here very soon.
Friday, 5 November 2010 | By: Los Pedroches School
Watch the video and do the activities in the photocopy given in class.
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Hello everybody, my name is Luis González; I am a biologist and have been a Natural Science teacher at the IES “Los Pedroches” for many years.
I take part in the new bilingual section, which we began this year, teaching my subject in First of ESO.
Natural Science at this level includes Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology. When we get to the third year of Secondary Education we will start to study these four sciences as separate subjects.
Good luck to everybody in this little adventure.


Hello, my name is Sergio and I am the new Social Studies teacher.
During the course we will study Physical Geography, where we will learn about the landscape and its relief and bodies of water. We will also study Ancient History and Prehistory, in order to study how the first prehistoric societies and ancient societies, like Greeks and Romans, were organised.
Friday, 29 October 2010 | By: Los Pedroches School
Friday, 15 October 2010 | By: Los Pedroches School

Signs in English for our school

The students in the bilingual section of Los Pedroches School have made new signs for the most important places: principal´s office, director of studies´ office, staff room ... Come and see the wonderful way they have decorated the them.

New Language Assistant for Year 1

Shana Dooley introduces herself:

Hello! My name is Shana and I am from the Northeastern United States (Rhode Island). I have a degree in Psychology and Spanish from Smith College (Massachusetts). I enjoy a variety of hobbies, such as biking, kayaking, drawing, and playing the violin. As a Language and Culture Assistant in Ciudad Real last year, I organized activities in English for first-, second- and third-year secondary education students. This year I look forward to working with the first-year students in the Bilingual Section, learning about Natural Science and Social Studies, as well as practicing English for everyday situations.