Friday, 15 November 2013 | By: Los Pedroches School

Luisa´s Greeting

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new school year!!
Are you a good LEARNER? Do you want to speak ENGLISH in order to COMMUNICATE?.  If the answer is YES, you are in the right place.
As an English teacher, I encourage you to keep on learning more about this fascinating language by deepening into its history. I am sure English will make your future brighter so KEEP UP with the good work!

Luisa Ramírez Molina
Thursday, 7 November 2013 | By: Los Pedroches School
Welcome back to school! 
The Bilingual Section has already started a new project for the school year 2013/2014 and the topic we have chosen is ENGLISH. We will try to get to know some interesting topics about the history of this language, we will do some research to see where English is spoken nowadays and  how English is used in different fields everywhere in our world.
We think we can do a good job if we work together.
Best Wishes for this year!!

Rosa Escribano
Hi Guys, I’m Pablo and as you well know (hopefully), I’m going to be your natural science teacher during this school year.
Fortunately, all of you live in an incredible place that you have the opportunity to discover. If you really want to know how it works and enjoy learning about it, just follow me.
Hope you´ll come with me and have fun learning.
See you at school
Wednesday, 6 November 2013 | By: Los Pedroches School

Ethics & English

My name is Esther and I am going to be your Ethics teacher. I have a Philosophy Degree and I love teaching. I am going to get you to think about different aspects of human behaviour. I hope you enjoy thinking. I urge you to take part by contributing your views. GOOD LUCK!!

1st Year of ESO English Teacher
Hi everybody!
I’m Ana López, one of the English teachers at IES Los Pedroches.
Language learning is hard work, but I’m sure that if we all work side by side, we will be successful in the end.
Try to learn something new everyday and use your English as much as possible, in and out of school. Little by little, you will see how your English improves.
Best wishes and good luck for you all!

Greetings from your Math Teacher

I'm Romy, your Math teacher. I would like to make you think, and improve your knowledge of numbers, problems, etc. We are going to use English and Spanish in our classes, and it is going to be original and great fun!

I am sure we are going to have a good time, and learn a lot too. 


Fourth Year ESO Social Sciences Teacher José Manuel Briones’ Greeting
Hello everyone!
Are you ready to learn? 
My name is José Manuel and this year we are going to study History in English with activities, videos, games... To help us we have the invaluable support of our Language Assistant, Clarke Reid.
I hope you find this subject as interesting as I do and that you shed your fear of communicating what you know in English!
If you want more information you can visit my blog:
Kind regards,

José Manuel Briones Martínez

Meet Our New Language Assistant

I’m Clarke and I’m an enthusiastic teacher, musician, and traveler.
I’m a native of Seattle and a graduate of the University of Washington in 
International Studies. I have had a number of teaching experiences, 
including a year living in Chile teaching English and a month in the 
Dominican Republic with students as part of an international learning 
I’m also a jazz pianist and music lover in general. I’m especially excited 
about using music and art to involve and motivate students. 
I also enjoy biking, card and board games, cooking, and just relaxing 
every now and then. I’m currently enjoying living abroad and planning 
on returning to school for further studies in education or linguistics
sometime in the future.